When the Plants Enjoyed a Sudden Bath

Photo by Siami Tan on Unsplash

A gloomy and lazy Sunday was dragging along

All of us were slow in word and deed

A languid breakfast was followed by a sluggish lunch

Suddenly, the skies parted, and it began to rain

The mood shifted, the fog lifted

We gathered at the window to watch the show

The plants quivered in anticipation

The wind rolled along and sent shivers down the barks of trees

The leaves stretched themselves, stuck out their tongues, to catch the first drops

The birds rushed to find shelter

The flowers had stupid smiles pasted on their faces

The earth got ready to soak it all up

All around, nature looked surprised and happy

The plants seemed just a bit brighter

The streets seemed cleaner

The flowers were brighter

Even the teen at home seemed chirpier

After all, the plants had had a lovely cool bath after such a long time!

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