Anu Anniah

Writer, blogger, traveler, poet, laughter addict

Anu is a technical writer who recently decided to awaken the ‘writer’! She has realized that she has much to say (or write).

Anu also writes slice-of-life anecdotes based on events in her life. The events could be as simple as baking bread or visiting the bathroom. She captures these events with a dash of fun so as to raise the mundane to the humorous.

Her first book is about to be born.

She enjoys writing about her travel experiences. She is a contributor on the Travel website Just Checked In. Her profile on the site is here.

Anu is a keen observer and tries to capture some of the poignant moments of life through simple posts or through her poetry.

She has recently discovered the pleasure of crafting Haiku and is churning them out at great speed! Her favorite Haiku is the one where she experimented a conversational Haiku between two lovers: Will You Listen to Me

Contact me via email at: anuanniahwrites@outlook.com