About Anu Anniah

Writer, blogger, traveler, poet, laughter addict

I started my corporate journey as a technical writer and somehow lasted over two decades in the industry. It was a lot of fun.

But I wanted to have fun with my fast-growing teenager too. She was born, I blinked, and she had already turned 13. I was afraid to blink again. So I hung up my corporate boots to spend time with her. But I did not hang up my pen (or keyboard for that matter!)

Then the strangest thing happened! Being out of corporate freed me to write about anything I think of. No boundaries!

I write about slice-of-life anecdotes based on real events. The events could be as simple as baking bread or visiting the bathroom. I capture these events with a dash of fun so as to raise the mundane to the humorous. If you wear a fun filter, any situation can turn humorous!

All this writing has culminated in my first book which is about to be born. Check it out!

I love to travel and enjoy writing about my travel experiences. I also enjoy watching people, interactions, nature, animals, oh, everything. Naturally, I wrote about them all – sometimes through poems.

I discovered the pleasure of crafting Haiku and am churning them out at great speed! My favorite is the one where I experimented a conversational Haiku between two lovers: Will You Listen to Me

Hang around this site for a bit. Read some articles. There is no dearth for variety here. Like or comment if a post speaks to you.

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Want to connect? Contact me via email at: anuanniahwrites@outlook.com.