Shoes Need a Vacation Too

Everyone wants to go to the beach

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

My friends and I went on a two-day trip to Goa, the sought-after beach destination in India. The trip had been planned months ago. As we got closer to the date, feverish chatter started on the WhatsApp group. What to bring, how much to pack, what type of luggage to carry, and so on.

It was finally decided that we would carry just enough stuff to fit into carry-on luggage. No wasting time checking in. After all, we were only going for two days.

I was all agony the previous night since my luggage weighed 7.5 kgs, and the baggage limit for carry-on was 7 kgs. Anyway, I said ‘Que sera, sera’ and set off for the trip.

Three of the four of us arrived together at the airport and waited for last. He was found having a hearty breakfast while we cooled our heels, waiting for him. Hmph!

He arrived finally and shot off towards the check-in counter. We raced after him trying to find out if he was confused. He had been the major proponent of the ‘no checking in baggage and wasting time’ theory. But he had a mind of his own and refused to be shaken or stirred away from the check-in queue.

We were puzzled. We quizzed him about why he had to check-in. He said his luggage weighed 8 kgs. We informed him that the airline wouldn’t care as long as the luggage size was within the prescribed limit. But he was adamant.

We pondered aloud about what he might have packed that was causing 8 kgs of weight. After being tight-lipped for a bit, he reluctantly informed us that he had four pairs of footwear.

What??? Did we hear wrong? Did he say four pairs of footwear?

Apparently, he did. We had to struggle not to burst into laughter. I mean, here were three women, carrying two pairs each — one for the journey, and one for the beach. With two days in Goa, there was not much else we would be doing other than lolling about on the beach.

But this guy — he was carrying four pairs! One to pad about the room, one for the beach, one for clubbing, and I not even sure anymore what specific purpose the other one was supposed to serve.

And why would he not carry the bag as cabin baggage? Because he was afraid the cabin would run out of space, and the crew might crush his precious shoes in some corner.

No sir! Nothing but the spacious luggage area for his precious shoes!

We did not have the heart to inform him that the cargo hold was a ruthless bag-eat-bag section and that his precious cargo would probably suffer a worse fate out there.

As it was, he used only three pairs during the two days. We never found out what the fourth pair was for.

I guess the fourth pair just needed a vacation!!

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