A Plan, a Fall, and Poinsettia

Photo by Anupama A

I am usually the one that hatches plans in the house. This weekend I had hatched a nice plan that involved waking up early in the morning. That is usually a bad idea for a family of owls. All of us are most active after the Sun sets.

The plan involved waking up at the crack of dawn, going to a huuuuge park nearby, walking for a bit, soaking in the flora, visiting the nursery attached to the park, buying ourselves a few plants including a couple of poinsettia (it being Christmas and all), and heading out to a lovely place for brunch.I had 3 alarms set at intervals of 10–15 mins around the stipulated ‘got to wake up’ time.

Alarm one went off. I nudged the hubby gently. Very lukewarm response. I gave up easily enough and nodded off. After all, there were two more alarms to go.

Alarm two went off. I poked the hubby. He made some vague noises, tossed about, poked me in the eye, curled up further, and went right back to sleep. By this time I was mildly irritated. See, I hatch the plans, I build the enthusiasm, I set the schedule, and the least I expect is that the other parties will get ready and stick to the schedule. I curled up and closed my eyes.

Alarm three went off. The teen showed no signs of waking herself up, although I knew she had her own alarm set. The hubby was in a state of petrificus totalus. There was no sign of waking up!!

Now my irritation level shot up from mild to high. I addressed him in that voice that shows that the irritation level is at high. I asked him if he plans to wake up and keep the schedule. You know what he asked? He asked, ‘are we going walking?

That did it. Irritation level hit dangerous. I said, ‘fine, let us not go walking. We will wake up an hour later, head straight to the plant nursery, and then do brunch.

You would think that after all these years of experience, he would be alarmed at the tone, and take action. Nope. He is apparently a brave man, or… he knows that I am actually harmless in spite of irritation being at dangerous.

He agreed that I had made a sensible decision by changing the plan, and went right back to sleep. He was snoring in less that 10 seconds while I was left seething! What could I do? I seethed for a bit, found that I had no audience, reset the alarm to 1 hour later, and slept.

One hour later, I had a sense of deja vu. I poked the hubby. This time, he decided not to take any further risks. He yawned, stretched, and after serious contemplation for 5 more minutes, he finally went from horizontal to vertical. I moved to the teen’s room. She was lying inside her quilt looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed. She asked me why we had not left!!! I kept my calm and told her about the changed plans.

We all quietly got ready and clambered into the car. I think hubby and teen were wary of the level of irritation that I might be at. I was also working to bring it down since I really wanted to have a good family outing.

We turned out of the apartment gate and hit the road. Then hubby quietly addressed the family. He said, ‘ You had no idea what I was going through this morning.

What? What was he going through? I panicked a bit.

He continued. ‘I went to the bathroom, slipped and fell on the floor, and what is worse, I had a spasm in my back, and could not get up.

This was scary shit. Then why were we even going out? How did he get back in bed? Shouldn’t we just turn around and get him back home to rest for a bit? All these and several 100 other thoughts raced through my head. The teen was wearing a shocked expression too.

Then he continued, ‘And you both were standing around me helplessly.

Wait. What? How?

Wait a minute! I suddenly realized he was narrating his dream! While I was trying to wake him, he was apparently going through this dream of lying on the bathroom floor. Grr!!! For a split second there, both the teen and I had had such a panic attack.

Hubby was not yet done. He was worried. Since I woke him up at the moment he was lying on the floor, he wasn’t sure if he managed to get up or not since the dream remained incomplete.

He was really worried on behalf of his dream self lying in pain on the floor!

After this little narration, we had a hearty laugh, all was forgiven, irritation levels shot down quickly to zero, and we proceeded to have a happy morning! The proof being that we brought home 20 pots of assorted plants and flowers, including 2 pots of the beautiful Poinsettia!!

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