‘Drive-Through’ Teddies

Photo by Anu Anniah

Here are some teddy bears on the go
Just by the highway, don’t you know

A teddy for your every mood
As you whiz by, you are gently wooed

Such vibrant colors on a dusty, dull road
When the Sun touched them gently, they almost glowed

Look at all of them, how cutely they sit and wait
That look on their face, a juicy bait

Before you know it, you stop to take a look
Aha…and that right there, is the hawker’s hook

The hawker, he is such a brilliant guy
Creates an appeal; you are bound to buy

Spins a story to suit your every need
You look at the teddies, you can almost see them plead

If you have a child with you, your purchase is a sealed deal
The hawker convinces you that the price is such a steal

If you have a girlfriend, then the hawker and she are already hand-in-glove
The hawker is an expert, knows just what your girl will love

If the hawker fails to sell the stuff, there’s still no hope for you
Because a teddy will surely win your heart before you can say ‘achoo’

The funniest part is how you cart your teddy home
You suddenly find yourself holding a teddy that’s twice a garden gnome

When you pass that stretch of road, your laughter you cannot bear
You see so many pillion riders smothered in the big, fat teddy’s rear

On various highways around Bangalore, this is a common sight. It is such fun to see colorful teddies sitting patiently by the roadside, kids crying for them, and hassled parents haggling with the hawkers. The bustling traffic weaves around this action unmindfully. And then those bikes with huge teddies sticking out high above the heads of the rider and the pillion rider make for such a bizarre and funny sight. 🙂

© Anu Anniah 2020

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