The Yellow Orb

The sight of the full moon brings out the poet in us.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Walking along, I raise my eye
And see a huge yellow orb hanging in the sky
A perfect circle, glowing bright
Adding such beauty to the inky blue night

Am so taken in by the beauteous sight
I fail to see the humans passing me on my right
Suddenly I find myself caught in their stare
They are wondering why I walk with my nose in the air

I continued to stare at the moon so bright
Even the streetlights were feeling shy
The moon was dazzling and took over the night
I was so drawn, I cannot explain why

And then I stopped to click a picture or two
But I cannot capture the beauty, no matter what I do
So I slowed down hoping in my memory to etch
Ouch! Before I noticed, I’ve landed in a ditch

Passersby came along and helped me out
But I cannot rivet my gaze
And soon there is a motley crowd
That has joined me in the craze

I ask the people what they see
In the patches on the moon
Each person has a different view
I came to realize soon

To some, it looks like just a bunch of spots
To others, it looks like a huge dinosaur
And yet others see a giant gray tree
The mythically inclined they see a Minotaur

But my vote always goes 
To the ones that seem to see
A tender sight amidst those dark patches
A mother holding her baby

Aha, now I am pretty sure
You’ll all look up at the moon
Patience, fellas, wait for a bit
It’s probably afternoon…

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