Will you Listen to me

A Haiku exchange between two love birds

Picture by Anu Anniah

Meet me for coffee
The same place as usual
Carry a raincoat

Sure I will meet you
Am missing you like crazy
Raincheck on raincoat

But…but it might rain
I don’t want you falling sick
Hate to see you ill

Don’t be so silly
A little rain won’t kill me
See you real soon dear

Oh you’re a tough nut
Never did you listen to me
Alright see you then

Been waiting a while
Guess you are hiding from me
Don’t you want to meet?

Cough cough I am sick
Very sick as sick can be
Don’t be mad at me

What happened do tell
How can I be mad at you?
Seemed fine yesterday

Went out in the rain
Without my raincoat on me
Drenched to my skin pores

Am already sick
Spare me the ‘I told you so’
Be sweet to me dear

Aha…heh heh heh
Now will you listen to me
You know I mean well

Yes, white flag is raised
Am sorry O ‘Know it all’
Bow to your concern

Haikus are lovely. You pack in so much in so little. What if a couple loved Haikus and messaged each other only via Haikus?

This is one possible exchange between two Haiku lovers!

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