Forgot to Feed the Child

I am such a useless mom!

Image by MoteOo from Pixabay

Before you start judging me for forgetting to feed the child, I want to state that the said child is a teen! And therefore, perfectly capable of feeding herself!

But the events of that morning unfolded thus.

Summer hols, nothing to study, nothing at all to do, hence the teen wakes up whenever she feels like it. I don’t force her to wake up early either. Online classes will start in a bit. Let her be. Life will get hectic enough shortly. No need to deprive her of some simple pleasures right away.

This morning was no different. I was bustling about doing my morning chores. The teen woke up and headed straight to say good morning to the pet hamster. He takes up a huge part of our day by merely looking adorable.

Picture by Anu Anniah

Meanwhile, I asked the teen what she wanted for breakfast. Sometimes I feel like I could start a restaurant because I was able to give her so many options. Minor detail — the options were corn flakes, toasted bread, and the only one that required any effort — dosa.

Obviously she picked dosa!

Picture by Anu Anniah

After this declaration, she disappeared into the washroom for what seemed like 10 hours. I got busy loading the washing machine, clearing the breakfast dishes, pondering over lunch, making coffee for the hubby and I, and so on.

Suddenly there was a whine from the living room. I rushed out of the kitchen to find the teen sprawled on the couch clutching her stomach. She said she was hunnngrrrryyy!

I was mortified. I am not sure for how long she had been out of the bathroom. I had completely forgotten about having promised to make dosas for her.

I started the dosa machinery and cried on the hubby’s shoulder about how I was such a bad mom. How could I have forgotten to feed the child!

Mic drop comment from the stomach-clutching child on the couch:

And you have one child!

Parenting is an interesting journey!

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