I Am The Guy By the Tea Stall


I sit here every day

Image by aga2rk from Pixabay

I am the guy you see every day
Sitting by the tea stall
That’s my hangout
Yup, you can see me through the day

All my world’s possessions
Rolled up in a plastic sack
I keep it by my side always
My world in my sack

I am alone, as you can see
But I am not worried
Come, sit with me
See how much love I get for free

I never go hungry
Even a single day
Some kind Samaritan
Will buy me food today

Since morning I’ve been offered
Four cups of tea
And someone already bought me
2 plates of hot idli

I am alone, as you can see
But never lonely
Am I allowed to be

Some people offer food
Some people, money
So many of them just stop by
And chat with me

Now I am a familiar face
So people smile at me
Sometimes that’s all I need
On a cold winter morning

And sometimes, I like to draw
I draw what I see
And when people see me drawing
They stop and clap for me

They keep buying me pencils
I have so many now
That when I see little children
I hand a few out to them

I like to see their happy smiles
A sudden gift unexpected
So many people are kind to me
I have to pass it along

And then there is my best friend
This dog I call Brownie
He has adopted me
As much as I have adopted him

When no one else is there
There is always Brownie by me
Looking at me with loving eyes
And thumping his tail with glee

Some days I wonder
If I should feel bad for me
I have no one to call my own
And no place that I’d rather be

But then I remember my blessings
The unconditional love of strangers
And a permanent supply of hot tea

What more do I need I ask you
I have warm food, smiles, and Brownie
Life is good, I think so
As good as life can be

© Anu Anniah 2020

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