Some Days are Vague


Photo by Jakub Kriz on Unsplash

Most days are busy
Packed with action
A routine to keep

Things to do
Places to go
Conversations to have

And then there are some days

You are not even sure why you got out of bed
You could have slept through
And the world wouldn’t care

No one would notice
No one is waiting
Nothing stops

Some days are vague
Everything appears gray and dull
No meaning in any action

Things happen in slow motion
You can barely see through the fog
You have no idea what is going on

You wonder about purpose
You wonder about life
You are confused and disillusioned

Some days are just plain vague
Nothing is in clear focus
Life is something happening around you

You are not aware of the time
Not sure what you did
Unclear what to do next, and why

You feel dull, vacant
Devoid of any emotion
No joy, sorrow, anger, nothing. Vacant.

Some days are like that
You feel detached from yourself
And with everything else

Yes, that’s how you feel
You just want to lay around

And then somehow you get to bed
And wake up again
To a brand new day. Reset.

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