I am Possessed


Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

When I met him, I fell into a hole
I did not realize it then
I was too busy being in love

The hole had no bottom
I felt like Alice
I was in wonderland

As I fell deeper and deeper
I was smitten by his attention
By his passionate love

I loved how he loved me
How much he loved me
I loved his interrogation and desperation

I misunderstood his intention
He did not love me
He owned me

I was the object of his desire
That’s all I was
An object

With him, I forgot who I was
I became the object he wanted me to be
His belonging

I fell deeper and deeper
But slowly I began to see
How dark and lonely it was

Cut off from the world
A prisoner of my love
A painting on the wall, inanimate

I might die
And no one would know
My disconnect from the world is complete

I have forgotten who I was
I am just his
And what he wanted me to be

I am no longer my own self
I am his possession
I am possessed — by him.

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