Shared Laughter


Created by Anu Anniah using Canva

Shared laughter could well be a gateway drug …

When people ask me
What my favorite hobby is
The first word in my head
Is ALWAYS ‘laughing

Having fun
Is my brand of drug
Absolutely free, addictive
But healthy
Now that’s where it differs from the others

Have you ever laughed so much
That your jaws hurt
That tears streamed down your eyes
That you couldn’t stop
That you felt hysterical
And absolutely high?

No need to prick yourself
No need to work out shady deals
No need to lose out on life
You can laugh as you drive
Laugh by night or day
Oh, and did I mention
Absolutely free, no expenses at all

So then I choose laughter each time
Over drinks and drugs and all those things
At work, at home, when out with friends
It is laughter I crave

A meme, a misspelled word
Some bizarre news articles
Anything is fair game
For a quick bout of laughter
No chance passed by
For a giggle or a burst of laughter

And the flavor is different
With different people
Puns, dark humor, innuendos, poor jokes
All of them are baits
Waiting to be taken
To fill my world with laughter
And give me a buzz like no other

Yup, my hobby is laughing
And I revel in it
Just be careful if you attempt it
It is mighty addictive, it is!

In response to the January AoE prompt.

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