One Night Stand


Image by Radoan Tanvir from Pixabay

Should I? Should I not?
Not terribly experienced, am I?
But I feel the need, the urge
Now more than ever

Never done this before
Not sure whom to ask
I mean, is this even a topic
To ask for advice?

There comes a time in life
When you need to take a step
In directions never seen before
And in areas unknown

That time is now for me
So much emptiness I see
I yearn to fill that space
So please don’t judge me

I checked a few online
My God, are they expensive!
I mean, who knew
I don’t know, I’m new

I don’t want to live in regret
So I’m taking my time
Because once it’s done, it’s done
Act in haste, repent at leisure

I narrowed down my choices
They all look pretty good
I am almost salivating now
At the prospect of the final choice

Using Canva by Anu Anniah

Phew! I am done, the decision is made
I’ve chosen one, and I already paid
Can’t wait to hear what my friends say
With no experience, I did it my way

Now all that is left is to fill the emptiness
Of my bedroom with one night stand
The one I bought, the best in the land
Finally, a place to rest my phone and specs

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