Blind Faith

Poem She picks up the violinReverentiallyFeels the strings, gentlyHums to herself softlyCloses her eyes in prayerShe sees no oneHer and the violinAlone in the whole wide world And just like thatThe violin bursts into lifeWith music from a different worldThe notes carry you away upon themTo her worldWhere there is no light, no sightNothing except…

I am Possessed

Poetry When I met him, I fell into a holeI did not realize it thenI was too busy being in love The hole had no bottomI felt like AliceI was in wonderland As I fell deeper and deeperI was smitten by his attentionBy his passionate love I loved how he loved meHow much he loved…

Good Touch Bad Touch

A poem He hugged her oftenPinched her cheeksUntil they turned redHow they hurt But she laughed heartilyThe happy unbridled laughter Of an innocent childWho knows no evil She longed to be held by himLifted up, thrown high in the airCaught deftly, oh that tickledShe shrieked with laughter, like tinkling bells She felt comforted in his touchWarm,…

Alone and Scared

150-word fiction Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay It was a dark, cold night. The street lights seemed to be fighting to stay aglow. I was miles away from home after my cab driver unceremoniously dropped me and sped off in a different direction for a personal emergency. Not a soul in sight. Wait! There was one….

About Me

I write about my travel experiences, poetry, and every day life. I tried to bring a little humor into most posts because laughter lightens the heart!

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