Shortcut to Make Your Wishes Come True

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

If I had known this is how things work, I would have adopted this amazing methodology the minute I was born. It is a zero-cost way to get fabulous experiences in this life. You should try it too. Just wish fervently for what you want and be sure to make it clear that you don’t want to spend or own it. Read on to understand!

Fancy cars

It all started a few years ago when I began to aspire for a ride in a fancy car. I am not a car expert. Nor do I care to buy fancy cars. One small detail — even if I had shiploads of money, I may not buy fancy, high-end cars. But I wanted to ride in an Audi to see how it feels. Does it feel like sitting on a cloud? Does it make me feel rich and swanky? What’s the experience like? I kept wishing for this often. Not once did I make the mistake of thinking I want to buy an Audi or own it. That’s the important aspect here.

And lo behold! I heard that a friend has an Audi. Ka-ching! Soon, a day came along when I got to hitch a ride with that friend. Beautiful. I felt very rich and classy. Except for the times he told us to slightly lift our bottoms every time we ran into a bump on the road. Apparently, Audis have very low ground clearance. In Bangalore, speed bumps are well-fed and chubby. No skinny bumps devoid of personality for us here.

The weight of several hitchhikers brought the Audi lower and we heard the beauty’s cry of pain each time the brutal bump scraped its bottom. We fell into the routine of raising ourselves just a little each time a bump appeared on the horizon. It was a fun ride. I got my money’s worth. I mean — well, you know what I mean — a great ride, fun times with bum chums, and no Audi to maintain.

Ride in a fancy Audi — check!

Pretty Farmhouses

With that wish out of the way, I figured it was time to focus on the next pet wish. A farmhouse visit. After reading so many books about pretty farmhouses with picket fences, happy cows, and golden retrievers running around with their ears flapping in the breeze, I wanted to visit a farmhouse.

Again, I was clear I did not want to own one. I cannot imagine myself running a farmhouse. Sure enough, within a span of a couple of years, not one, but two friends have bought farmhouses! I visited one already. The picket fence and golden retriever are missing. But I am not overly concerned. These are small details. I’ll just focus harder on my wish next time. The farmhouse I visited came with an attached goshala (a place where cows are bred, milked, and tended to with care.) Ta da! I went berserk and clicked a bazillion pictures with the cows and baby cows.

Someone milked one of the cows and gave us fresh milk in a jug. We made coffee and I have to admit it was the tastiest coffee I had in a long time!

Mad with joy petting a baby cow! Photo by Anu Anniah

Actually, the other farmhouse-owning-friend is still working on developing the farmhouse. Maybe the picket fence and golden retriever are not too far away. I better continue to wish for that one.

<F…o…c…u…s Anu>

Visit to a pretty farmhouse — check!

Exotic Destinations

I love to travel. I’ve wanted friends in fancy locations around the world for as long as I can remember. It helps to have someplace to stay when we visit. Keeps travel costs manageable.

Some prayers were answered when several friends moved to various parts of the US a long time ago. Most places on my US wish list are covered!

Then I started focusing on Europe. And lo behold! A good friend is moving to Switzerland! Dum de dum! I’ll give her a little time to settle in and then plan my travel. Gosh!

This turn of events has really spurred me on. I am working on a prioritized list of places in Europe where I want friends. I am going to be super specific now. Being vague doesn’t help.

A friend in Switzerland — check!

This business of wishing for something really works. I am making copious notes about all that I want that I don’t actually want to own or spend on. Also, I am working hard at making lots of good friends and wishing them great success. Their success leads to items getting checked off my simple wishlist! Who knew it was this easy!

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