This happens only in Bangalore

Today is Saturday, or at least, it was about an hour ago. The hubby and I had to run some errands at the Post Office (India Post). Yeah, yeah…ask who goes to post offices in this day and age. Already got asked that once today. Well, in any case, we had some business, and that’s that.

We pressed a green button and a tiny machine spat out our token number: 36. The current running number was 11. Hubby earned an angry look. And he deserved it. When we walked past the post office half an hour ago, I suggested that we take a token, and then proceed to breakfast. But no! Hubby said it wasn’t all that crowded, and the matter ended. We proceeded to wait for over two hours for 11 to crawl agonizingly to 36. Hmph!

But then, if we hadn’t had that kind of time to watch life go by in a post office, maybe there would be nothing to report here.

Tiny incident really. But it drives home how we live around here 🙂

So some forms had been filled, and photos had to be pasted. As usual, hubby volunteered to do the job. In our post offices, there are usually a couple of desks where form-filling, pasting and what not can be accomplished. These desks usually have a layer of hardened glue on them. If that is not the case, check again. Maybe you are not in a post office! So hubby found the pot of glue. He then dipped the trustworthy glue applicator, his index finger, and proceeded to stick the photos. Job done, he found excess glue dripping off his finger. He did the most natural thing, he held the finger back into the pot to help the glue drip back in.

What happened next is also very natural. A neighboring photo sticker calmly stretched out his own index finger, and proceeded to wipe the glue off hubby’s finger. He then finished his own photo sticking with this second-hand glue. Hubby wiped his hand on a stray paper, and headed back. Whereupon, he collapsed in a fit of laughter saying ‘this happens only in Bangalore’.

And that’s how the two of us collapsed into a heap with tears running down our eyes while the rest of the waiting crowd at India Post eyed us warily.

Originally published at on September 14, 2019.

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