Coffee Nirvana

My coffee captured by me

Coffee, a drink that warms the heart
God’s gift to mankind, straight from heaven
Even saying coffee makes my mouth water
Whether aloud or just in my mind…

Coffee, have a cup, or a zillion
You just can’t have enough
Two cups a day, that’s my poison
One at dawn, one at dusk, and oh, sometimes without rhyme or reason…

Coffee, I like it nice and strong
With milk and sugar, South India’s brew
The color, the flavor, the texture, the temperature
No changes please, it has to be true…

Coffee, it starts by brewing the lush dark molten liquid
Make it slowly, with love and patience
No rush, no quick fix, go through all the motions
Pour hot water on the coffee powder gently…

Unlock the aroma, unlock the soul
Follow the aroma as it roams free in your home
If it were alive, you would see the thin wisps
If it were alive, it would curl gently around your lips…

Nothing better to wake you up at dawn
When the tendrils of the brew waft your way
Making you mouth water, your eyes peel open
Ready to sip the brew and start your day…

Don’t skip the steps, don’t be in a hurry
Boil the milk, stir in the sugar, switch off the stove
Gently pour the hot milk into the strong brew, rich and thick
The golden drink is almost ready to savor…

Now comes the best part
My favorite step of all
Pour the coffee up and down
And work up an inch-thick froth on top…

Sit down in your best chair
Look out the window
Breathe in fresh air, and sip the brew
Aaaahhhhh…coffee nirvana

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