Yogurt War

(Yogurt is fondly known as Curd in India)

Photo by Evan Reimer on Unsplash

Every night at the dinner table
We witness the yogurt war
Strange it is ‘cause
the warriors are
The hubby and the mother-in-law
Hereinafter known as MIL
The hubby wants her to eat yogurt
and she feels that’s against her will

So every night at the dinner table
All is fine and fair
As dinner progresses and we reach the last stage
Tension grips the air
If there were more people, I’d have sold tickets
To watch this strange war
Better to maintain distance
and watch it from afar

MIL reaches the final course, the curd rice
Without which a good South Indian meal is not considered done
And then begins the action and drama with some spice
Who reaches the pot of curd first? hubby is the one
He insists on serving the MIL great dollops of the curd
Sadly MIL is different and does not really like this stuff
She pushes his hand and resists like an angry bird
But the hubby is intent, and plays really really tough

The shouting and screaming soon reaches a high note
The rest of the dinner party is too shocked to react
The hubby stops short of shoving curd down her throat
And next day at dinner, the scene they again re-enact
And it goes on this way each day
‘Eat curd’, ‘no, no, noooo’, ‘eat curd’, ‘no, no, nooo
One day hubby wins, another day MIL has her way
The point of this daily war, remains unknown though!!

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