Book – A Girl Gang + A Tropical Island

A 72.81% true story

A Girl Gang + A Tropical Island is a humorous story about a group of eleven women who travel to the breathtakingly beautiful Andaman Islands. The story follows the journey of these eleven friends as they plan and execute their trip. From where to go to what to pack to what to wear to dinner, they discuss everything. All this while they get to know each other better, build unbreakable bonds, and make memories they will cherish forever.

With picturesque beaches and turquoise waters, the Andaman Islands provide the perfect backdrop for the girls’ journey. The story is a heady blend of fun, friendship, and travel, and is sure to inspire you to plan trips with your girl gang.

Grab a copy and start hatching plans with your gang of friends! There is much fun to be had and no time to waste!

Where to Buy

Kindle eBook

Paperback in India

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