Photo by Dikaseva on Unsplash

This is not my story. This is not anyone I know. But I know of several whose story this might be. We read and hear about it everyday. It is savage and brutal. This is about rape. I pray that no one, neither boy nor girl, ever faces this brutality.

I grew up loving humans
Not hurting any living being
Being gentle and mindful at all times

But me, I’ve been violated
In the worst possible way
By a monster without a soul

I should have probably hurt him
Maimed him for life
He has maimed me, in a way that no one can see

No words serve to soothe
No one can hope to understand
No one can feel, really feel the utter despair

I feel like a shell
Hollow, wasted, lifeless
All the flesh rotten and oozed out

I bathe and bathe, and wash and wash
But I cannot remove the dirty feeling
That unreachable filth deep inside

I will move on
I will live a good life
I will convince myself that I still have a will for life

The scars on my skin have healed
I could pretend it never happened
But my brain, my brain is seared for life!

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