Shower Power

Photo by Jorge Fernández on Unsplash

Does it ever happen
That you are in the shower
And Bam! an idea strikes you
And your brain is all a-quiver

I write out my best work
While working up a lather
The only grave mistake I make
To write down I do not bother

The thoughts and words they flow
At speed through my mind
As warm and delicious
As the water on my behind

Just today I wrote out
Not one, not two, but three
Totally hilarious posts
About a witch, a mouse, and a tree

But woe betide you, O reader
You see nothing in ink
For as soon as I step out
The thoughts disappear down the sink

Oh how do I capture these thoughts
Before they wash away
I wish I had a pensieve
Like Dumbledore has, I pray

Then I can just as quick
Store my best posts in jars
Build a library of liquid posts
And help me reach for the stars

Photo by Anupama A

But the pensieve, it does not exist
Except in Rowling’s head
And before someone invents it
I think I’ll be quite dead

Let me know O reader, meanwhile
If you know of any way
To capture ideas in the shower
For a rainy day

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