The Missing Ring


Image by Агзам Гайсин from Pixabay

She was pretty. She has the prettiest smile displaying a set of teeth so uniform that they seemed to have been cut to perfection by a dentist. But they were her own. A natural set of pearly whites.

She had a great sense of humor. She was tickled by anything and everything. She had such a spontaneous laugh that if she started laughing, everyone around her would catch on. It was contagious.

She was absolutely in love. She blushed when she said his name. Her eyes twinkled with delight when he was discussed. Her eye lashes drooped down shyly when he spoke to her.

She was engaged. She had on her finger a ring with a blood red ruby at the center. The ruby was encircled with tiny white diamonds. But her face glowed more than the diamonds. Especially when he was around.

She slept one afternoon. And woke up to find no ring on her finger. She vaguely remembered that the ring had fallen down while she was asleep. Maybe it had rolled under the bed?

She sought her room mate’s help. Together they ransacked the room. Pulled the bed apart. Swept every part of the floor. Examined and re-examined the circumstances before she fell asleep. The ring remained elusive.

She was distraught. She loved the ring. She loved him even more. What was she going to tell him. How could she explain this? She began to cry buckets.

She woke up. Her cheeks were wet. She quickly checked her ring finger. The red ruby and the circle of white diamonds were sitting pretty on her finger.

She laughed out loud. What a vivid dream she had had.

Thanks to Vnemakal

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