Murder Most Bizarre

Image by GraphicMama-team from Pixabay

The girl was young. She had dreams.

She wanted to have a boyfriend. She found herself one. They were so like-minded.

She wanted to wear designer clothes. She bought them.

She wanted to wear fancy shoes. She bought a pair a week.

She wanted to travel. She made plans with her boyfriend.

She couldn’t earn money at the rate that she wanted to spend. She borrowed.

She couldn’t earn money at the rate at which she had to return the borrowed money. So the money lenders turned up at her door. And threatened her. They threatened her mother. They stalked her.

Her mom lamented about how the family’s respect was compromised. Her brother muttered about how he could not walk on the street with his head held high because neighbors were laughing at their state of affairs.

The money lenders threatened to barge into her workplace and shatter the remains of her respectability.

She got tired of it all.

She hatched a plan.

She decided to eliminate all of her problems. Including herself.

On the planned night, she made sure her mom was asleep in her own room, and the brother in his room.

She quietly carried two important things to her room. A huge rock and a sharp knife.

At the stroke of midnight, she crept up to her mom’s room. Her mom was fast asleep.

She aimed carefully at her mom’s head, and in one clean strike, the rock did its job. It was messy, of course. But less fussy and there was no sound.

She loved her mom. She did this out of love. No one will understand.

She spent the next hour talking softly to her mom.

Time was running out. She had many other things to do.

She crept up to her brother’s room. She tested the knife. It was sharp.

She went for the jugular. She had read a lot about the right body parts and angles required for the task.

The knife found its mark. Her brother screamed a little and collapsed in a pool of blood.

She had nothing to say to him. She did not love him. She just did not want to leave the job half done. Hence he was marked too.

She sat in a daze on the sofa. She had a few more things to do.

She went through her mental checklist of things to achieve. Travel. Not done yet.

She dialed her boyfriend’s number. Good boyfriend. Arrived immediately.

They drove to the airport. She had already booked tickets to the beach destination on her list.

She spent the next day having the holiday of her life with her good boyfriend.

The brother lost a lot of blood. But he didn’t die. He called the neighbors, who called the cops.

The mom was very dead. But the brother lived. And told the tale.

The cops launched a hunt. They tracked her down.

They took her in. The good boyfriend too.

The boyfriend denied any knowledge of the events.

She tried to protect him. She insisted he knew nothing. She loved him.

The cops found that hard to believe. He had recently mowed down 2 people in cold blood on the streets and driven away. The cops were hunting for him since then.

She was done. All her dreams were fulfilled. She grabbed a cop’s gun and put a hole in her head.

Inspired by a recent news article about similar events.

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