Under the Redwoods


Oh, the stories that Giant Sequoias can tell

Photo by Dave on Unsplash

A walk under the redwoods
Those most magnificent of trees
You must be lucky to stand on the same earth as they do

Tall, tall, taller than your neck can tilt
Their heads must surely be in the clouds
While their feet are firmly on the ground

Rugged yet warm, tall yet humble
How much these redwoods must have seen
The stories they can tell
The secrets they hold in their hearts

Hush, stop, listen, be quiet
Do you hear the creaking?
It is the ancient redwoods
Stretching, they have been standing for 
thousands of years

That creaking sound
Not like the ominous creak in ghost stories
But a lilting creak, like an old wind chime
Ah, these amazing keepers of time

So tall and statuesque and wise
Could they be the messengers between earth and heaven
Reporting the goings-on at their feet
To the ones above who can’t be seen

Image by Simi Luft from Pixabay

And you think you are so great
Accomplished much in life
Talk to the redwoods
They will put your life in perspective
A tiny human at their broad feet
Who are we, but a mere speck to the towering redwoods

The night falls, the darkness is complete
Pitch a tent and listen to the silence
The redwoods are watching, don’t be afraid
No one has the temerity to stand up to them
These mighty guardians of the woods

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