A poem

Photo by Anu Anniah

A candle is burning in my heart
It started as a faint glow
I could barely see it
I watched it carefully though
And fed it

Slowly, very slowly, it began to glow brighter
It grew, and grew, and grew
Brighter and stronger each day

Soon there was no candle
Only the light, too bright

And now it is a fire
Raging hard
Consuming everything in sight
It has already consumed the very candle that birthed it

Bigger and bigger it burns
Hungry, starving, ravenous
With unseeing eyes
Looking for things to consume

Is it the fire
Or is it me
Or is it the fire inside me

I don’t know
Can’t seem to tell the difference anymore

Who started it?
What started it?
What does the fire need?
What is it hungry for?

I don’t know
And I can’t seem to control it
How do I tame this raging fire
How do I make it a warm glow
To help me during cold days

How do I stop it
From becoming a hungry beast
That may one day consume me

Will I be razed to ashes
Or will the warm embers save my soul?

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