Shards of Ice

Poetry Sunday

Photo by Ýlona María Rybka on Unsplash

You don’t love me
I get that
You don’t hate me
I get that

But a smile, a sign of recognition
Is that too much to ask?
Did we not have some good times together?
How can you erase that off your memory slate?

You could hate me
I would feel bad
I would be wounded
But I’d still understand that

But you don’t love me
You don’t hate me
Damn…you don’t even recognize me
It is as if I don’t exist anymore

Be rude to me
Be angry
Shout at me if you want
Just acknowledge me

But you act as if I am a mere shadow
You walk past me with no emotion
Not a flicker on your face
It is as if you have amnesia for that part of your life

I could just as well be transparent
A ghost from your past
I see you, but you don’t
I am not even a memory anymore

Sometimes I begin to wonder
If I exist at all
Am I alive
Or am I in fact, just a memory

My life is nothing without you
But you, you don’t even see me anymore
I’d give anything for a sign from you
That I am alive and not just a memory

Your blankness pierces me
Like shards of ice
Cold and unbearable
Causing pain beyond endurance

As cold as the tomb
Where I live
Maybe I have died after all
Yes…yes, that explains it all

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