Unexpressed and Unrequited

Unrequited: adjective, of a feeling, especially love, not returned.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

They say what goes around comes around
But my love for her?
Will it come around?

I am so much in love, that I feel heavy
In carrying the weight alone

I can never tell her
I can never tell another soul
The weight is too hard to bear

How did I get here?
I had a good life going
Had all the love I needed

Since I met her, life is different
There is no normal anymore
She rocked my life

And the irony
She knows nothing about this
To her, I am a good friend, no more

When she laughs, I laugh with her
But it burns inside
It hurts deep deep somewhere

When she cries
I am broken, I fall apart
Even as I provide her my solid shoulder

These barriers of society
Who formed them?
And why?

Why can’t we speak our mind
Love freely whoever we want
Express ourselves to the last drop of emotion

Love doesn’t know these rules
It doesn’t conform
Then why should we?

Even if I could tell her
Maybe she wouldn’t feel the same
Maybe her normal is different

But that’s ok with me
At least I’d get the weight off my chest
At least I would know that she knows

Unrequited, I can handle
But I don’t want to die
Without her ever knowing how I feel

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