Breezy Evening

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Standing in my balcony
Drinking in the delicious breeze
Strong coffee, gusty winds
Heady concoction

Love the way the breeze lifts my hair
Swirls it around my face
Twirls it with its fingers
Caresses my cheeks

The rain clouds gather
Playing hide and seek
With the indulgent setting Sun

The birds are heading home
The breeze helps them soar effortlessly
They look smug
They can fly
I want to fly

The plants and trees are swaying
To the music of the breeze
The synchronized flapping of a million leaves
An ensemble of absolute perfection
Not a note out of place
I spread out my arms and sway too

This was a primer
The stage is set
The rain clouds have assembled
Heavy, gray, chubby, and well-fed
Everything is now hushed in expectation
The real show is about to begin
When the curtain of the skies part
And the rain produces the crescendo

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