The Best Free Light and Sound Shows

Thanks to David Moum for sharing their work on Unsplash.

As we go through each day, the earth puts up so many performances for us. We should be very worried that we might blink and miss something.

Starting with the glorious sunrises to the spectacular sunsets, and then the wonders of the night, there is no end to the shows that nature provides. It is a 24-hour channel running without interruptions.

How much of this do we notice? How many shows do we catch in a day, in a week, or at least in a month?

Sunrises and Sunsets

I love sunrises. But I am never up that early to enjoy them. Look at what I miss!

Sunsets though! I find them breathtaking. Each day. Each minute.

Have you noticed how each sunset is different?

The colors, textures, cloud patterns. How the clouds play around the Sun.

And the Sun colors the tips of the clouds with such delicate colors. The clouds begin to look like fluffy tufts of cotton candy.

Some days the Sun is in a mellow mood. The sky takes on pastel hues that can put the paint industry catalogs to shame.

On other days, the Sun is out of sorts. The Sun goes down in a pallor of dull gray and doom.

And then there are those passionate evenings. When you feel like lovers must be igniting the earth all over. Because the Sunset creates that mood. Fiery orange streaks, bright red gashes across the sky.

Message From the Heavens

Picture by Anu Anniah

My favorite is when the Sun and clouds decide to send down some special messages. Have you seen how the light emanates from behind the clouds?

I always wonder what message is being delivered and to whom.

Somehow that sight always comforts me. As if someone up there is watching over us and saying all is well. Like a proclamation is being made to all of the earth.

Thunder and Lightening

Image by Kelly E from Pixabay

If you are in a safe place, and witness a thunder and lightning show, you can consider yourself lucky.

I once had the extreme good luck of staying at a resort by a riverside. That night it poured. We sat on cane chairs in the balcony of our room, overlooking the river. The river was a strip of silver.

There was a frightening amount of thunder and an insane amount of lightning flashes. We sat there with our mouths hanging open lapping up the scene in front of us. I was afraid to blink lest I miss one of those arresting streaks of lightning. So many years later, I still have goosebumps when I remember that night and that experience.

I’ve seen manmade sound and light shows at palaces, forts, Disneyland, etc. They are all truly beautiful and transport us to a magical place.

But…watching lighting streak relentlessly on a dark rainy night, watching 10 Gigawatts of sheer power coming down in a blaze and a blink is a surreal experience like no other. The raw display of power and energy by nature is something to be in awe of.

When you look out of the window on a rainy night and suddenly see the world bathed for a split second in unbelievably bright light, you better close your ears. You are about to hear the most deafening thunder!

That tiny amount of time when you wait for that thunder because you know it is coming, is such a thrill!!


Picture by Anu Anniah

I don’t know why adults don’t clap when they see a rainbow. Heck! They don’t even look remotely excited.

It is such a spectacular phenomenon that it should get a standing ovation every time!

Huge waterfalls are hotbeds for rainbows. A long time ago, when I visited the Niagara falls, I was so taken in by the stunning rainbows produced at the base of the falls. That was the first time I saw rainbows across a waterfall. The combination of the massive falls, the beautiful rainbow, and the thunderous sound of 3000 tons of water crashing down is heady, and I felt lightheaded for a long time after that. I don’t think any drug can induce this kind of high and happiness!!

I’ve often dragged people out of their lightless cubicles to go out and see the freshly painted rainbow. How can anyone not want to see such a miracle in the sky?

If you are lucky enough to see a double rainbow, like in the picture, you might be forgiven for thinking that you have died and gone to heaven. Such a wondrous sight.

And More…

Nature has so much more to show and offer. If only we could all take time to appreciate the performances. And to think all this is free!! I mean, who does that?

We are ready to pay exorbitant fees to watch manmade shows. I guess there is always a certain degree of underappreciation of anything that comes free.

And therefore, we don’t make time often enough to see these carefully and brilliantly crafted shows put together for us by nature!

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