Molten Gold Bath

Picture by Anu Anniah

The time just before the Sun sets
He feels benevolent
He is leaving for the day, and is in a mellow mood
A yellow mood

He decides to leave us with one lasting impression
A memory that will stay with us until
He makes his dramatic entry again tomorrow
A sight that will take us straight into the arms of the night

He bathes the world in Gold!
Not just any gold
A molten yellowish orangish gold
Everything is momentarily awash in the glow

The leaves glimmer in joy
The trees are positively glowing with pride
The cars on the streets are suddenly blindingly bright
And the windows glitter and glint and dance to the golden light

Oh and how he lights up faces
Photographers get into a frenzy
To capture their models
In a light that only the Sun can produce

Don’t forget the mountain tops
How the Sun coats them delicately with liquid gold
Like kings wearing their golden crowns
The mountains bask in a royal glow

And the best magic is saved for the rivers and the seas
They wait all day for the golden hour
For that moment in time when they transform
From mere colorless water to strips of molten gold

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