Oh To Bottle These Moments

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Some moments in life make all decisions
Absolutely worth it

Those precious moments
Time spent together

Doing nothing of significance
But doing it together

Like today for instance
A half-hour of pure joy

A sudden shower under the Sun’s nose
Bright and cheerful, and the smell of wet earth

Dragged the teen to the balcony
And the next half-hour was magic

We clicked pictures
Listened to the rain

Observed silence when we recorded
The sounds of the rain and twittering birds

She had found an App that
Plays all these sounds

Had fun listening to the sounds of a cafe
While we watched the happy showers

Imagined we were in some fancy cafe
Sipping an exotic flavored coffee

Listened to some soulful jazz
As the sounds of the cafe transported us

To earlier journeys we had made
Recalled old memories

Oh, half an hour of such unbridled bliss
Me and my teen, and time stopped still

How I wish to stay in that moment
Or play it back whenever I want

How I wish I could capture it all
In a bottle and store it for another rainy day

Oh it was beautiful
When we did nothing much

But we did it together
When we were both ‘in the moment’ with each other

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