When it Rains, it Pours

The dark clouds started gathering
The winds began to blow
The birds were rushing to their homes
And all the plants were swaying

And soon enough so far away
We saw the sheets of rain
Advancing towards us slowly and surely
Initially just a spray

And then it rolled in with full force
Lashing out at everything on the way
Sparing not plant, not dog, not bird, not man
Nothing that stood in its course

Torrential rains beating down on the ground
Causing a myriad tiny rivers
Flowing all over the place
And creating a waterfall-like sound

This goes on for an hour and more
The rain cleansing all its anger
Beating down on the land so dry
The tantalizing smell of petrichor

After a while the rain settles down
To a gentle continuous rhythm
Consistent, steady, calm, composed
Lulls you to sleep till dawn

And just like that, as it started in the eve
The clouds are all emptied out
Every last drop of rain is wrung
And the clouds pack up and leave

Rains are wonderful, especially if you can enjoy them from your balcony! I love the smell of petrichor and the soothing feeling created by the sound of steady rain.
—————————-Originally published on Medium.com at this location———————–

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