A Dopamine Junkie

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

I think I prefer working from home. Or maybe I don’t. I really don’t know. If we hadn’t physically been in the office, none of this would have happened. And I would have missed out on a crazy adventure. That scorching summer of 2016. Was it extra hot that summer, or was it just me?

Just like life before the big bang — in the beginning there was nothing. We worked together on occasion and smiled in the corridors.

The big bang

Then there was the Big Bang! We were thrown together on a tough project. Working side by side, night and day. It was inevitable. I was drawn to him like a moth to fire. There is no other way to say it. He was heat energy poured into human form.

I felt the heat from across the corridor whenever I saw him. I don’t think it was just me. I saw many of the younger girls turning a shade of burnt red if he as much as glanced at them.

Oh, and glance he did! He was very aware of his aura. He exuded it from every pore.

I am no less. I think I matched his fire with mine. He could not help himself either. A first for him I think. The chasee becomes the chaser. Unlike all his past adventures where the girls just landed on him at a mere glance.

Although I was drawn to him, desperately, I remembered mom’s advice — never make the first move. Always works. Gives you the edge, for a couple of days at least 🙂

Turns out we were both moths and flames at the same time. Hopelessly drawn to each other.

I think we both knew that this was like a visit to an Adventure Theme Park. Thrilling rides, secret hideouts, and back home after the visit. We were not planning on staying at the park.

And so it began. The gravity-defying ride. We were both somewhere beyond the stratosphere.

Stolen coffee breaks, quick getaways from work. Conveniently, he had a good friend living close by. The good friend was always at work. He gave us the spare key.

We didn’t waste much time on words. Enough was spoken during our project work. In any case, we had no common interests. Or maybe we never found out. We were too busy with the action.

Oh, I remember. We may have watched a few movies together. I don’t remember the movie names. Not sure if we lasted till the end of the movie.

Living life on the edge

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

I think this was my version of living life on the edge. The thrill of being with him edged with the fear of being caught. How would we ever explain emerging from a single changing room in the mall if we ran into his wife or my orthodox dad!! How would we explain being spotted by nosy neighbors on the outskirts of the city on a working day?

That’s what made it spicy. Yes, I like spicy! However, we invested in dark hoodies, just to be safe.

2 full months. Summer of 2016. I was a dopamine-machine. I think I may have been leaking dopamine. Star donor if anyone needed dopamine transfusion.

The ride is done

Then came June. We were allocated to different projects. In different buildings. I returned the spare key.

We moved on.

No tears. No sentimentality. Just bye. Some perfunctory ‘keep in touch’ messages which we didn’t mean.

We had paid for tickets to the Amusement Park for a day. That day lasted 2 months. The gates closed and we went home.

No one cries when they exit an Amusement Park. We just remember and savor the thrill of the ride. And yearn to visit again…

Next visit to the park

I miss the Amusement Park.

Summers occur regularly. Projects too. Summer of 2017 — I met this guy on a project. He was cold as ice. Apparently, we need to pay him to see him smile! A challenge. I love challenges…

I think I may be a dopamine junkie!

In response to a writing prompt ‘Summer Fling’ by the Medium publication PS I Love You.

Originally published on Medium.com at this location.

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