Surreptitious Stuff At The Supermarket


Photo by Mat Reding on Unsplash

Mmm…that guy at the supermarket…

I think his name is Kevin. I will have to get closer to check next time. But if I get any closer, I may not really be checking his badge.

Tall, shoulder-length hair, well-kept thick beard, he is the stuff of my dreams.

I go to the supermarket more often now. I seem to have developed a sudden interest in all kinds of spices. My range of cooking has improved.

I try to vary my time at the supermarket. A week ago I saw him at 10 am. I brushed past him at 11 am one day. I asked him for help to reach something on a high shelf at 12 pm 2 days ago. Mmm…that was something. I love the cologne he wears. I breathed in deeply as he reached up. I think I’ll call it Kevin Cologne.

Now I know he works the 10 am to 3 pm shift. I can plan my visits accordingly. I am beginning to enjoy this plotting and planning.

The last few times I visited, he was there to help me. It was as if he sensed my arrival and appeared by my side. Maybe it is the perfume I wear. I’ve been told it leaves a trail.

I thought I might be imagining the fact that he was always hovering around me. But then he smiled. Another day, he said, ‘hi’. I love his voice. It suits his tall, bearded look so much. Perfect voice. Just as I had imagined it.

This one time he cracked a joke about some item not being available. Or, at least I think it was a joke. And maybe the item was unavailable. It gets very confusing when he looks directly at me and talks to me. I laughed hysterically. He laughed too. So maybe it was a joke after all. I love his sense of humor. I love his happy laugh. It seems so real.

Sometimes we chat about this and that. I never can remember what we talked about. But I gathered some vital data. He is single. He lives close by. ‘5 minutes by walk’, he said. Perfect! I am now beginning to hatch a plan.

I’ve read the signs. I think I am on the right track.

I had to plan today carefully. I wore my trail-able perfume. I didn’t want him to waste time figuring out that I was at the store. I brushed my hair twice and wore smudge-resistant lipstick.

I reached the store by 2:30 pm. I was all set to wrap up my shopping by 3 pm, just in time for him to get off his shift.

It was all going smoothly. He appeared as soon as I entered and helped me quickly find everything I wanted. I think he sensed my plan. There was tension in the air.

He removed his store uniform, changed into normal clothes, and caught up with me at the store entrance. He looked even better in his casual tee and fitting jeans.

While I stood there drinking him in, he uttered the words that I was willing him to utter. ‘Care to come over for a coffee? I brew awesome coffee’.

Yesssss!!! My heart leapt up, did a fancy little jig, and remembered to settle down so that I could actually say yes to his offer.

We loaded my purchases into my car and started the walk to his home. We walked in companionable silence. Companionable my foot! My brain was buzzing with thoughts, words, actions, and bizarre jolts of electricity. There was so much noise in my head that I wouldn’t have heard even if he had spoken. Luckily he didn’t speak. Or…maybe he did and I just didn’t hear over the din in my head!

We reached his home. I walked in and was surprised by how neat it was. I was mentally prepared for slightly dirtier conditions. The tastefully decorated and clean house took me by surprise. Mmm…this was getting better!

He closed the door while he watched my face carefully. Maybe he was making sure I was ready?

He walked slowly towards me. I was ready! Hell yeah! I’d been waiting for this moment for a while.

Suddenly I heard the most out-of-context words possible and that too in my husband’s voice. Was it going to be a threesome?

‘Honey, wake up. Andy will miss his school bus’.

What?? Wait…whaaaaat?

Shucks! 6:30 am already. I jumped out of bed, battled a head rush, and galloped towards Andy’s room to get the morning machinery started.

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