Book – Eye Am In Denial

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My first ever book is a compilation of some of my fun posts. I believe laughter is very important in life, and I try to view everyday events with a fun filter. That’s what you’ll find in my first book. Fun. Letting life tickle us sometimes.

The unfortunate victims of this book are my loyal family and some of my friends. You’ll find them on the pages. šŸ™‚

Where to Buy

Read it whenever you need a spot of laughter.

Kindle edition

Paperback edition (only in India, sorry rest of the world!)


Don’t trust my word. Get a glimpse before you decide to download/buy this wonderfully light-hearted read.


Book Launch Video

Here’s the cute little book launch video:

Book launch trailer

The Great Unboxing

I am soft-spoken, apparently. Turn up the volume!

One thought

  1. Wooooow!!! Congratulation! You did it! I absolutely love the book cover!
    I love sniffing books as well. There’s nothing more delightful than that! ā¤


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