Those Eyes


Art by my friend Usha. Used with her permission.

Those eyes, those eyes
That suck me in 
I am powerless
I feel weak

I find them on me
I barely breathe
My limbs are jelly
I forget my ability to move
Or think, or live

More powerful magnets
Do not exist on earth
As do those eyes
When they are cast upon me

Creating a black hole
I could disappear forever

I wait in agony
For them to look my way
To arrest my very being
When those eyes graze across my face
I marvel at their hold over me
Enchained, immobile

Alive, passionate
An aura of grace and fierce pride
Oh the cocktail of feelings evoked
By those eyes

Those eyes could tell stories
From distant lands, from so many lives
Those eyes can move mountains
Start wars
Change lives

Those eyes
The effect on me
They have me in a grip
Shaken, unsure
Guilty of everything I’ve done
Questioning everything I know
Looking for new meaning in life

This poem demanded to be written after I saw my friend Usha’s art. I cannot seem to look beyond those stunning eyes. See more of her art here.

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