Time To Shut Down The Manufacturing Plant

It had served well

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

She started as a young entrepreneur. All the equipment was in place and ready by the time she was 13. Who knew she had it in her. I guess everyone who knew her!

She kept the machinery well-oiled and running, but she did not undertake any manufacturing orders. She knew she was still too young. She did not care for the legal complications that could arise.

After much planning and waiting, she inaugurated the manufacturing plant when she turned 24. She had a lot of fun. She had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Soon it was time to get into full-fledged production. While the manufacturing plant was fully equipped and ready to run, the production cycle was fixed. There was no hurrying things along. Automation or ‘throw more men at it to deliver faster’ was not an option. She was simply unwilling to consider any such thing. The manufacturing cycle had to run as designed. There were to be no shortcuts.

Over the years, she manufactured about 5 units. All perfect and without any obvious manufacturing defects. Everyone was full of praise for her reliable deliveries.

Her job did not stop with the delivery though. She was fully involved in the running of all 5 units until each unit was self-sustained. Her sense of commitment was high and commendable. She set very high standards for herself.

Two out of the 5 units were modeled after her own manufacturing plant and in time, would be capable of running their own deliveries.

After running for several decades, her factory finally began to show signs of disrepair. And one day, about 35 years after the factory was first opened, she closed it down. Permanently.

She was happy with how she had run the plant. It had served her well. Now it was time to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

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