Words Are Swords


Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay
Listen to the audio version

How curious it is that
words is a word carved out of swords

Were they trying to tell us something?
Those who created the word?

Be careful — did they say, as they wrote down words
Words can hurt you and others

Did they realize the power of words?
To protect as well as slay?

Is that why they carefully chose
to carve it out of swords?

Did they mean to warn us
Words are just like swords?

Use it wisely and words can be our friend
One wrong use and it could well be the end

But how many of us see this
This cleverly disguised advice?

And how many of us get it
That words can chop and slice?

Those who wield the sword
They train for years and years

They gain mastery
And use their skill with responsibility

Shouldn’t words be treated the same?
Shouldn’t we have to train?

Not merely to spell and speak
But to be aware of its power

To know when to use them
And which words hurt the most

To use it to protect and profess love
And equally to hurt and maim?

If fencing is an art, a skill
That takes years to learn
Shouldn’t words and wordplay
Be the talent of a select few?

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