Sunsets to Die for

A photoessay

With the sky as its canvas, the sun creates such spectacular sunsets

Sunset, clouds, and a drizzle of rain. Photo by Anu Anniah

No matter where I travel and how much I enjoy the views, the thing I gush most about is a sunset. I cannot believe how beautiful the sky looks. I cannot imagine the range of the color palette being used. I forget to breathe.

I enjoy watching sunsets from my balcony. I adore how each day is different, and each season has its touch to add. But I equally love watching the sun setting over different cities, seas, mountains, and other terrains when I travel.

I hear sunrises are beautiful. Maybe so. I wake a bit late for that. But sunsets are to die for. The richness of colors, the textures, the drama, the background music provided by birds chattering and gathering each other to head home — the entire experience is a sensory overload at times.

Here is a small peek into sunsets from various places I visited.

Sunset near farmland. Photo by Anu Anniah

I visited a friend’s farm sometime last year, and we walked all over the nearby areas. But when we saw that the sun was about to pack up, we had to stop and stare. Call us rude for staring, but this was a sight to behold.

Somewhere between Bangalore and Chennai. Photo by Anu Anniah

We drove to Chennai for a wedding. On the return trip, we caught these golden moments during the golden hour. I begged my husband to stop the car and tumbled out to capture this moment. Sunsets are like that. You have to be sharp. You blink, and the scene changes. The sun doesn’t wait around holding the pose while you get the best shot. He is no Instagram influencer. He doesn’t need to be. He is pretty darn popular the world over.

Ashvem Beach, Goa. Photo by Anu Anniah

Beaches are one of the best settings for sunsets. The sun changes colors like models change clothing for their photoshoots. He has wonderful waves to mirror his stunning good looks. Throw in a few artistic rocks and powdery sand, and you have a show that can’t go wrong.

Watching the reflection of the sun on the waves is mesmerizing. I could do this for hours. The sun knows. He decides enough is enough and brings down the curtain so that I can head home.

Sunset at the Maldives. Photo by Anu Anniah

How can I mention beach sunsets and not showcase the Maldives! Right here in this photo is a moment that was so good, I could have fainted. The setting sun, silence, the twinkle of just appearing night lights, a hammock in the distance — sigh. Trust the sun to make every occasion a celebration with his designer lighting!

Dubai. Photo by Anu Anniah

The desert sands of Dubai are perfect for the cleanest view of the setting sun. After a stomach-churning and entertaining dune ride, we got off the vehicle to stand and soak in the moment. It was so worth it. With nothing to interrupt the view, the sun had a field day posing for pictures as we gawked at him with undisguised adoration.

Grand mosque, Abu Dhabi. Photo by Anu Anniah

We were told to make sure we arrived at the Grand Mosque at Abu Dhabi by sunset. I am so glad for the advice. A superlative man-made structure added just the right touch to a stunning sunset amidst a cluster of palms. The sun took it a notch further and bathed the beautiful building in a golden liquid. It was a jaw-dropping sight.

Bandipur forest. Photo by Anu Anniah

Sunsets transform any setting available into a brilliant view. Just like beaches, though, hills and mountains have the edge over other views. Hills are responsible for the phrase as the sun goes down. When you see the brilliant orb sliding gently like butter down a hillside, washing the entire area with colors that you cannot imagine, your life is good!

Naantali, Finland. Photo by Anu Anniah

I have many, many more sunsets pics. But I am sure you know that by now. I’ll stop now, though, and leave you with this image that has my heart wrapped tightly around it. In summer, in Naantali, the sun is out, having such a good time painting all his wonderous landscapes that he forgets to set. Here he puts on a show for hours — like a kid who just got a blank paper and some colors. Even the birds are confused and forget to go home. They are out and about celebrating the finest display of sky artwork by the world’s greatest artist!

When the sun finally goes down, one can’t complain that we didn’t get our money’s worth. All this beauty and drama for free — can you imagine?

We can only hope we live to see another spectacular show on another day.

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