Book – Mommy’s ‘Lectures’ To Kanda

Kanda = munchkin, baby, sweetheart, and such like in Kannada, a language spoken in Karnataka, South India.

Anu Anniah and her second book baby!

I wrote this book as a birthday gift for my teenager. She didn’t cringe after reading a few pages, so it felt safe to publish to the rest of the world 🙂

To all parents out there – you are not alone. To all kids out there – see, we are not the only parents ‘lecturing’ you. It is universal.

As more people read the book, it is shifting shape according to the reader.

  • Parents read it and said the chapters reflect just what they want to say to their kids.
  • Some older folks read it and suddenly remembered their own mom and dad and got all teary-eyed thinking of the advice they had been given as kids
  • Teenagers read it and realized how grateful they are for the loving advice they continue to receive from their parents.

You see – the book morphs based on who is reading it. Rather cool although I will admit that I did not intentionally write it that way. I guess the book resonates with all parents and all kids.

As I began to talk to friends, I realized most of what I’ve written here is common across gender and geography. And that’s how this book was born.

– Mommy’s ‘Lectures’ To kanda

Enough said. Buy the book and judge for yourself.


Try before you buy 🙂





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