As a Humor Publication, MuddyUm Is Uniquely Fantastic

MuddyUm – one of the top humor publications on

The MuddyUm cover image used with permission from the captain

When I started writing on Medium about 2 years ago, I wandered about aimlessly for a bit. Then I figured I liked writing humor-based articles. Now all I had to do was find a home for my work. I was lucky to stumble upon MuddyUm within a month of starting on Medium.

My article found a fun home!

The Mystery of the Three Steel Tumblers

I loved MuddyUm immediately. What’s not to love. MuddyUm — a clever take on Medium — the publication had me at the name. Susan Brearley made it easier still with her thoughtful and helpful comments on my posts. I became a loyal repeat customer.

One thing led to another and I found myself on a call with Susan. Did I mention she is awesome? On that call, she wondered if I’d like to join the editorial team of MuddyUm. Am I nuts to pass up such a chance?

I entered the MuddyUm weekly call bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. One call was enough to make me a confirmed Mudditor — an editor for MuddyUm!

Having been on the editorial crew for well over a year now, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the culture being built, with each Mudditor bringing new thinking and wisdom. Here are a few things that stand out as the MuddyUm culture.

Uproarious weekly meetings

A ritual that is rarely broken. Every Monday, Mudditors gather for an hour-long laughathon. The success of the meeting is measured based on how much we laughed on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. At the end of some meetings, we’ve hit 12 on the scale. I had to take painkillers for a jaw ache. An editorial crew that laughs together definitely works together very well! Touch wood!

The meetings are not all fun and laughter. Articles are discussed, decisions are made, and blood is shed. Slowly and surely in these meetings and in so many other ways, the culture of MuddyUm is being crafted.

Caught slacking

The one place where Mudditors are not found slacking. So many channels with a wide variety of discussions, our Slack channel is where the action is.

  • Confused about a writer’s post? Ask fellow Mudditors on Slack
  • How to provide feedback to a writer on a particularly challenging post? Seek support on Slack
  • Unable to publish a writer’s post because you are out of town? Ask other Mudditors to pick it up on Slack
  • Have a prompt idea and want to write a post but are not sure? Run a poll on Slack
  • Found a hilarious post elsewhere in the universe? Share with Mudditors and other writers on Slack. Oh yes, we also have channels such as general and shamelessselfpromo for MuddyUm writers and editors to engage and encourage each other!

And so on. The MuddyUm Slack channel is a beehive.

A motley crowd of Mudditors

As of this article going to press, there are 16 Mudditors led by our Captain, Susan! For some reason, there are two instances of Andrew Rodwin in the list of editors. Well, he does pull a fair share of the load. But, erm, multiple personalities?

15 Mudditors? Isn’t that a lot? I had the same question. I asked Susan. She always has answers. She is a brilliant strategist.

The best part of being a Mudditor is that there is no pressure. The editing queue is self-governed and someone is always picking up where someone else left off. It is beautiful how the MuddyUm ship runs!

Susan explained that since we don’t run on pressure, it helps to have extra hands on deck. Sometimes editors have to take a break because of personal reasons. That doesn’t hit the machinery because we are well backed up.

15 Mudditors also means so much variety and perspective. Every new addition to the team has been nothing short of talent-packed and adorable.

Our earnings per post

I want to say we earn $100 per post on average. But that would be lying. Our earnings are actually unquantifiable. We earn in intangible assets. The list below may sound strange, but Mudditors place a lot of value on these earnings.

Collecting goodwill. MuddyUm writers are all very talented. Mudditors help polish up the work just that little bit, for which most writers are thankful. We collect the goodwill of our writers. Believe me, it is huge. Goodwill can work magic. Some writer comments below:

Building connections. Each Mudditor brings so much knowledge, skill, perspective, and talent to the mix. Did I forget to mention truckloads of humor? Imagine the opportunity to tap into this incredible talent pool every day! For me, each interaction sets off a different group of neurons every time. It is heady. People would pay a lot for this kind of regular networking opportunity.

Learning. MuddyUm is a hotbed of humor experiments. Imagine the interactions on a team with such cultural and geographic diversity, technology expertise, a mixed bag of life experiences, a whacky and varied sense of humor — I could go on. Mudditors have endless learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities. How do I even begin to quantify this type of earning by learning?

Multi-flavored newsletters

At MuddyUm, we like to mix things up, rotate stuff, and be creative. So we dreamed up multiple flavors of our newsletter. Each week, on Monday, a different flavor lands in readers’ mailboxes.

Some weeks, it is standard fare, sometimes it is seasonal like Christmas or Halloween, once a month we deliver Top 3 +1, once a month we stalk good writers and highlight their articles, and sometimes we run prompt-based newsletters. Our favorite and possibly the most popular prompt-based one involves the posterior part of the body. Butt no one knows why.

The things we do

As editors of MuddyUm, we take our responsibility seriously. MuddyUm writers must have observed these advantages:

  • We don’t just publish. We provide input and interact with writers
  • Many for the price of none. Sometimes, more than one editor will sift through a post and provide free input
  • We clap after we publish
  • We read and clap for other posts on MuddyUm
  • We share posts on our Facebook group and on Twitter
  • We share posts in our multi-flavored newsletters

Foraying into other areas

We don’t know what red tape means on MuddyUm. We have a great idea, we run it by others, and it is our baby to grow and nurture.

MuddyUm is a live, throbbing, pulsating place. I’ve been here a while and have never seen a dull moment.

Recruiting writers, creating multi-flavored newsletters, generating timely and timeless prompts, setting up storefronts, experimenting with video and audio, discussing stats, promoting aggressively on social media, moderating the FB group, hosting fun sessions for writers, initiating comedy camps, editing and providing constructive feedback,

Sorry, the previous paragraph is incomplete. I had to take a deep breath. I hadn’t fully realized what all we do out here in the MuddyUm world.

Oh, and there are many more things cooking.

Glad to be on this ship! And glad to have a great captain in Susan Brearley!

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