Two Girls Whose Journey Inspires Me

I met them both on Here’s my analysis of their journey so far.

Screeshot and edits by Anu Anniah

I follow multiple people on Medium and other social sites. I read a wide variety of content because each writer brings a unique style and sensibility to their story. There is something to learn from each piece. Sometimes you learn good things, and sometimes you figure out what not to do. Both lessons are useful in their own ways.

And sometimes, there come along some people, who are a pleasure to watch as they chart their journey. I like to observe such people. I like to see young folks who are fired up and walking their chosen path with utmost dedication. I like to watch their child-like excitement in the hope of getting infected with it myself.

In this post, I’d like to talk about two such girls — Anangsha Alammyan and Bingz Huang. I say girls because they strike me as young. I don’t know how old they are, and I don’t really care. Their energy makes them seem young. That’s all that matters! Both girls bring cartloads of admirable qualities to the table, but I’d like to touch upon a few that strike me often.


Both of them are consistent. They show up — regularly! I’ve read many people talk about the importance of consistency and the simple act of showing up. These two embody that lesson. Every day that I see a post on Medium, or a tweet, or something on Insta, I am amazed at how regularly they post. Do they have 48 hours in their day, I wonder! Not everyone is able to keep up that kind of regularity. I suppose life gets in the way. These two meanwhile, seem to smash through whatever comes in their way, and keep their date with the promise of showing up!

Clarity of purpose

I don’t think either of them got up one day and became crystal clear about what they wanted and how they planned to achieve it. But slowly and surely, I see them both clearing the haze and getting ahead each day. Both Anangsha Alammyan and Bingz Huang are all about experimenting. They do not hesitate to try new things while staying focused on their core goals. For them, the journey is as important as the destination. They are not afraid to take new roads.

Anangsha is experimenting with different social media streams and going after each one with equal enthusiasm. She is a voracious reader, writer, and content creator. I tried, but I seem to have lost track of what all channels she is active on. I am convinced she has multiple copies of herself. Maybe she found Calvin’s duplicator

Bingz on the other hand is experimenting with different aspects of her own personality and trying to blend them together towards her core focus of gentleness. Bingz is a gentleness ambassador, a human design chart expert, a passionate dancer, and who knows what else she has left unexplored! For Bingz, everything she does or writes or thinks about leads to or springs from the aspect of gentleness. I love how she brings together all aspects of her persona and connects them to her core belief.


Everything these two girls do oozes passion. They are committed to the cause. They embody the spirit of eating, sleeping, and breathing the content they create. Combined with consistency and clarity, the output is dynamite. Call me a stalker, but I watch the content they generate on Medium, Instagram, and Twitter, and who knows where else these bundles of energy operate, and I wonder about the passion coursing through their body. It seems like an unstoppable force.

Both of them run multiple publications. Bingz has three and Anangsha has five. At the speed at which they work, by the time this article is published, they may have a few more!


Both of them work very hard. They combine smart with hard and are relentless in their pursuit. I am convinced both girls work 48 hours per day, but they don’t forget to be human. They engage, help, lift others up, and are not shy to admit to the fact that they too are learning each day. They are human and that makes them super endearing.

Both of them are also published authors. Anangsha has over 5 books to her credit. Bingz published her first book around the time she joined Medium I think. And she is already on to her third book. These folks operate at the speed of light. They are all about ideation equals execution. No time is wasted on the step of procrastination that some of us seem to get stuck on.

Just to be clear, I am not a stalker. I am just a very impressed observer. I have to admit that I don’t really read every post that they publish. But whichever post I have chosen to read has always resonated deeply with me.

I enjoy watching them operate. They are an inspiring study in drive and determination. I hope they continue on their beautiful journeys along their chosen paths. I wish them great joy and watchers like me some fantastic lessons.

I’ll leave you to savor a couple of my favorite posts by these super girls.

In this one, Bingz tells us that our sensitivity is our superpower.

Your Sensitivity Is a Superpower
Don’t be afraid of using

Anangsha believes that books are our superpower. Check her list of favorite books here.

My Default List When Asked, “What’s Your Favorite Book?”
Interesting reads from all genres to remind you why you love

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  1. Wow that’s so cool. Am always impressed by people who put in the work, and that also works as inspiration for me to get my own stuff done. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to check them out!


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