What’s In A Name, Eh?

Created by Anu Anniah using Canva

I truly like my name
I assure you I do
But there are times in life
When I wonder what to do

Is it worth the trouble 
to try to change my name?
Or should I just accept
“What’s in a name?”

You don’t understand, do you?
The predicament I go through
If in the same room as I
There’s another Anu

If there is perchance
More than one Joe in a room
It’s so easy to say
The room is full of Joes
Or Janes, or Jacks, or <fill in the name>

But if by rotten luck
I enter a meeting room
And find myself face to face
With another human called Anu

There is nothing to be done
But to turn on my heels and leave
Before someone screams the plural
“Now we have both ____!!”

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