Do You Know This Lifesaver Shortcut in Chrome?

Cannot lose these tabs!! Photo from Canva edited by Anu Anniah

I’ve been using this shortcut for a while now. It saves me a lot of hassle. Because I use it often, I assumed that everyone must be aware of this shortcut. But I found out that may not be the case. I was talking to a friend and she did not know!! That’s when I realized it is better to put it out there. Someone might benefit.

Without much ado, here it is.

Restoring Google Chrome Tabs

Ctrl + Shift + T

Write it down. Etch it into your brain. You will thank me.

Most of my work is online now. I rarely work on anything stored locally on my laptop. Chrome, One Drive, Googledocs, Canva — they are all my best friends.

If you are like me, you probably have a zillion tabs open. I do. Sometimes I have multiple windows open with multiple tabs open in each window.

If the tabs close, I forget what I was up to. It is a nightmare to get back to where I was.

Sometimes something happens and the laptop decides to reboot. Or there is an OS update that forces a reboot. I used to be very, very reluctant to reboot. I hate to shut down my laptop. How was I going to remember what all I had open? Copying the links to open tabs and saving them sounded way too cumbersome and silly.

I was complaining to a friend about such pains when he laughed out loud. He could not fathom why I was agonizing over something that had such a simple solution.

Ctrl + Shift + T


Oh no! My laptop shutdown

All my open tabs and windows are gone.

No problem.

Ctrl + Shift + T

Now you can get a drink while your laptop reboots knowing that it takes just a couple of keys to bring back your previous ‘billion tabs open’ status.

Open the Chrome browser and press Ctrl + Shift + T. Watch the magic as all tabs are restored.

Had another window open with more tabs? Ctrl + Shift + T again. Do this until all your windows and tabs are restored — literally in seconds.

Ugh! Closed a tab by mistake

No problem.

Ctrl + Shift + T

The most recently closed tab opens. Get right back to your browsing.

There are other ways to retrieve closed tabs such as History and such like. But I want to keep this post simple and focus on the one thing that has saved me a lot of heartaches!

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