What Do You Notice In This Photo?

Some photos evoke a mix of thoughts

Photo by Anu Anniah

I am not a photographer in the strictest sense of the word. I am no expert. But I love to click photos — of friends and family, sunsets (lots of photos of sunsets), nature, events, and just random things that catch my eye.

The photo above is one such random click. I was waiting at the gate of my apartment for an autorickshaw and I glanced at the beautiful Jain temple. The light was perfect and the moment begged a picture to be taken.

A few days later, I was scrolling through recent photos looking for something when this one caught my eye. I was transfixed. I noticed so many things and had so many thoughts. I had to write them down. Then I wondered — “would others have similar thoughts too?”

I looked at the photo and my breath hitched at the overall beauty of the scene. Twilight! Such perfect lighting!

The nearly-barren peepal tree adds such a beautiful texture to the scene. I remembered how the leaves were fluttering in the cool evening breeze when I waited at the gate. Such a glorious sight because the brown leaves glowed gold in the golden hour of light.

I love barren trees. I find them very beautiful and I can stare at them for a long time. Mesmerizing. I like how they are graceful by themselves while also providing a view beyond! So generous!

Meanwhile, the neem tree was flourishing right next to its barren neighbor. Neem — such a wonderful plant. Each part is filled with amazing medicinal properties. The sight of a lush green neem tree always makes me happy. I feel like it is a sign of good health in that area.

That beautiful marble temple! Jain temples are known for their fabulous architecture. This one is no exception, but it is exceptional. I can never get over how beautiful each part of the Jain temple is. Such intricate carvings and all in pure white marble. Such a sight to behold! Entering a structure like this must make us feel closer to the divine at once, right?

The evening lights were just coming on and I could see the light in the far corner of the temple. The light burst into the frame just as I clicked. It was such an aha moment.

The clear, cloudless sky added to the perfection of the photo. Of course, if there had been clouds, I would have said the same. Either way, the scene looked perfect to my eye.

And finally, my absolute favorite part of the photo! Guess?

That cute brown dog curled up in that mound of gravel without a care in the world. I love to watch dogs comfortably curled up on sand and gravel mounds. This particular mound had 4 other dogs although I caught one in my photo. Such an endearing sight to see these fellows lying in dog-shaped hollows while the human race bustles about as if we’d all die if we didn’t hurry along and act busy. These stray dogs meanwhile are living the good life!

What do you think of the photo? What caught your eye? What aspect stands out the most for you? Let me know in the comments. I am curious and would love to hear your thoughts!

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