That’s What She Said – Who is She and Why is She Saying All This?

Image created by Anu Anniah

For as long as I can remember, she never really said much. Then, one morning, like the Sun bursts out from behind obstinate clouds, she burst forth and started saying all kinds of things at all sorts of inopportune moments. She doesn’t seem to care much about whether it is a corporate setting, a serious meeting, if there are underage kids around, or if parents are listening in.

Nope. She just keeps saying something or the other. Some of the things she says sound like this:

Watching a chap hack away at a log of wood, she said, “oh, that looks so hard.”

When her boyfriend tried a pair of trousers, she said, “wow, honey, that looks way too long.”

When her husband asked her to hold the watering hose, she said, “darling, I think this hose is too short.”

She watched her friend struggling to swallow a piece of dry toast, and said, “Use butter, hon. It will slide down smoothly.”

Yup! That’s what she said. Simple, everyday stuff! For some reason, everyone is making such a big fuss about it all. They crack up each time she says something.

I’ve been asking around. No one seems to know who she is. No one knows why she says what she says. And absolutely no one knows when she will pop up and say what she says so someone can say “that’s what she said.”

If you have no clue what this post was about, look up the explanation for ‘That’s what she said’ here –

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