Simon Says — Start With Why

Have you played ‘Simon says’ as a child?

Created by Anu Anniah

As kids, we used to play this game often. One kid is Simon. He says, “Simon says gash your teeth.” All kids proceed to gash their teeth. This goes on until Simon says to do something else. I wonder if dentist bills went up?

If Simon says to do something without saying Simon says, and the kids do the action, they are out. And so the game continues.

Hmm! Well, it seemed fun at that age. We just listened to what Simon said. Never questioned it. Never asked why. Oh, the days of innocence.

Many years later, along came Simon Sinek. He said, “Start with why.” Our kids heard him. As kids, we were conditioned to listen to Simon. We have outgrown the conditioning over time. Our kids seem to have inherited the conditioning.

They listened to Simon. Now they start with why. For everything. And I am left gnashing my teeth despite Simon saying nothing to me. I guess I am out.

“Wake up early”


“Go to bed early”


“Do the dishes”


“Work hard”


“Can you get the door?”

Why me?

“Can you answer the phone?”

Why me?

“Don’t be late”

Why not?

“Don’t miss classes”

Why not?

The list is endless. And there are variants — why, why not, why me.

Does this happen in your homes too??

Somebody stop Simon from saying anything else, please?


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