Self-doubt — Every Woman’s Pet Worry

Created by Anu Anniah using Canva

Always looking over our shoulders
Plagued by self-doubt

Look — she seems to have it all together
Poise, grace, calm

And her — she is unruffled
Her kids are doing great

That woman — always so well turned out
How does she do that??

A job, home, a social life, so well balanced
And me? What am I doing?

Messy hair, glasses askew, temper unchecked
I am a screaming banshee most days

Gosh, how do these other women have it all?
What magic potion did they drink?

Where is that school that can teach us
Me, me, that can teach me!

I want to be a smooth juggler too
I want to be that woman, or that woman, or that woman

Everywhere I turn, I see superwomen
Women who accomplish so much in a day

And I? And I? Will I ever match up?
What is my claim to fame?

Why can’t I be like them?
What gene did I miss out on?

Oh, and that woman, my God!
A doctor, a homemaker, and a mountain biker!

What cauldron of magic potion did these women fall into?
And where was I? Hiding behind the door, apparently!

Sigh! I give up. I can’t be them.
Let me just watch, mouth agape, from a safe distance

I feel that all women look at other women and think that they are doing more, achieving more on an average day. The truth though, is that every woman is an overachiever in her own right.

Sometimes, it takes another woman to show us a mirror and tell us what we are doing better than others. That’s why it is important to have groups of women friends. We constantly admire and uplift each other so that we may face another day bravely and with confidence.

Do you have such a group? If not, find one quick. Girlfriends are our oxygen tank when we feel like we are drowning under life’s pressures!

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