Save Your Marriages By Avoiding These Reasons for Divorce

Designed by Anu Anniah using Canva

Oftentimes, the craziest reasons become the tipping point that pushes an already failing relationship over the edge. But let us not worry about all that. What is important is to ensure you don’t hit that tipping point. No matter what you do, don’t do these things. It is good to have this ready-reckoner list handy, don’t you think? Print it out and stick it on your fridge!

All these are real reasons quoted by one or the other member of a married couple for breaking out of their legal relationship. I’ve read these headlines in various newspapers over time and carefully curated them for you. It took years of research and hard work. Kidding! This is all the stuff of everyday news — more common than we’d like to believe!

Man files for divorce because the wife is a one-trick pony who makes only Maggi noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This case was dubbed the Maggi case. I wonder if representatives from Nestle (Maggi’s parent company) were called in to mediate?

Man calls the family helpline and asks for help to separate as the wife refused to make mutton curry for him.

The audacity of the wife! Imagine not making mutton curry! Huh! Replace <mutton curry> with whatever tops the charts in your culture/geography/country/community.

Wife complains that the husband reads different genres of books while turning the other way so that she cannot peek at the book.

What kind of books was he reading one wonders.

Man laments that the missus hates love stories! “She doesn’t watch a single one with me,” he cries.

Must be hard for a romantic to digest the fact that his wife is not. Why would anyone be against love stories?

The wife is a vegetarian and the husband wants to cook non-veg food at home. “I cannot let him contaminate my vessels,” she says.

Hmmmm. What can we say? One man’s food is another man’s poison.

Man is mega upset that the wife wears trousers to work. “What will become of me?” he asks. “Should I wear a salwar suit or a saree then? Who is the man of the house? I am lost and therefore I want a divorce.”

I suppose it can get confusing. When someone asks who wears the pants in the house, what are they supposed to say?

“My husband is a great cook. I am gaining weight because I overeat. I cannot go on like this.”

Of all the reasons, this has got to be the saddest. Imagine complaining about a partner being a good cook.

“My husband does not look presentable.”

Oh! Hmm! Is she planning on gifting him away to someone?

“My husband has an awful nickname for me.”

Couples have many nicknames for each other out of love. The nickname habit turned out disastrous for a couple when the wife discovered her nickname on the husband’s phone was Guantanamo. I suppose one can’t blame her for wanting to separate at once. She didn’t want to be imprisoned in the relationship anymore.

What are some weird reasons you have heard for couples wanting out of relationships?

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