Images from Pixabay. Brought together by Anu Anniah using Canva.

It was a quiet day. It was a hot day. In short, it was quite a hot day.

There were puddles of water everywhere. Close observation showed that there were no puddles of water. Mirage was at play. No human was close by to observe this though.

A sliver of something cut through the air and the dry caked mud shook just a little. A careful observer might have noticed a 2-dimensional line on the mud. Space observers and UFO-believers would have thrown a party. But no one was around. 

In that 6-inch line was a lineup of what we call aliens. Beings from a place outside earth. We can’t be sure they came from another planet. We are not even sure why we believe life can exist only on another planet. In fact, we are still pondering the meaning of life itself.

Since numbers matter to us, we could say there were 6 creatures in that lineup. We can’t be sure if those creatures considered themselves to be 6 or 3 or 447. We don’t know if they know our maths.

Those aliens observed their surroundings. The first creatures in their line of vision happened to be a monkey and a rather cute hippopotamus. The aliens decided that when in Rome, they had to behave like Romans. Not that they know Rome. But they had done some intergalactic roaming.

Before they stepped out of their line, they transformed. There was some confusion while they decided which face and which body to adopt. Finally, they adopted an aerodynamic combination of a creature with the face of a monkey and the body of a hippopotamus.

Thus the Monkopotomus was born. But there were 6 of them. They all transformed. So now there were 6 monkopotomii. The plural of monkopotamus is monkopotomii as we know. Monkopotamuses just sounds messy like there is a lot of pus. Imagine how the octopus would feel if there were two octopuses. Yuck.

Monkopotomii (plural) are a highly evolved species that are in no way related to other low-life carbon forms on earth. Any connection or allusion of connection to other carbon life forms is not only foolish, but also baseless.

The line that had brought the monkos could not leave earth due to technical glitches, and hence the monkos became part of earth’s fauna.

They are highly advanced life forms but they act stupid in order to continue the pretense. Homo sapiens seem to think they are the cleverest carbon-based life forms. The monkos just played along.

Monkos are peaceful. They meditate a lot. Not to be mistaken for monks.

And then there are the hippokeys. That’s a whole different story of transformation. Hippokeys are way cooler. They live in the arctic. 

Watch this space and meditate. No other details are coming. Not in the foreseeable future. Then again, what is the future? What is life itself?

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